Town Fees

The Town of Goshen owns and operates a public water system for its residents and businesses. Water is metered and billed on a monthly basis. If there is a meter at your property, you will be billed the following monthly minimums regardless of usage below the first 5,000 gallons.

  • Residential – $35.00/month minimum, up to the first 5,000 gallons 
  • Small Business – $45.00/month minimum, up to the first 5,000 gallons
  • Large Business – $75.00/month minimum up to the first 5,000 gallons

Water Leak Forgiveness Policy:  At the request of the customer, a one-time forgiveness for 50% of the overture cost, on the first occurrence of a water leak can be given. The remaining base rate plus the other 50% of the overture can be paid in three monthly installments of one third of the payment amount. Full payment to be made within 90 days from the date of the notice being sent to the customer. There will be no adjustments made after the first adjustment for a water leak without the consent of the mayor or a vote by town council.

The Town of Goshen requires a Motor Vehicle Decal annually for all residents of the incorporated limits.

Town Motor Vehicle Decals:  $20.00 per decalannually

The Town of Goshen requires a Building Permit for any new structures within the incorporated limits.

Town Building Permit:   $25.00

Rockbridge County requires Dog Tags for all County residents.

County Dog Tags must be purchased from the county court house in Lexington. The Goshen town office no longer has the dog tags for sale.

Dog Tags: For more information please contact the Rockbridge County Treasurers Office at (540)463-2613.