Town Government

The Town of Goshen is governed by  a Mayor and five Council Members, all of whom shall be qualified voters of the town and shall be elected by the qualified voters of the town or appointed by Council in the event of a mid-term vacancy.

The mayor shall be the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the town.  He/she has and exercises all the privileges and authority conferred by general law and presides over the meetings of the Town Council.  The Mayor is in office for a term of four years.

Vice-Mayor and in the disability or absence of the mayor, he/she acts as presiding officer over the Town and Council.

Town Council meetings are held each month on the first Tuesday at 7:30 P.M., at the Goshen Town Hall.

Currently in office:

Mayor: Justin L. Thompson

Vice Mayor: Jessie Hinkle

Council Members:

Jessica Hinkle

John Hinton

Tom McCraw.


Town Attorney: Thomas M. Simons

Water Operator: Robert Burke, Class VI Operator

 Town Clerk -Treasurer: Bobbie J. Thornsbury