SUMMERTIME IN GOSHEN ~Pictures coming soon!

Summertime in Goshen ~ Low water bridge on Rt.39

Santa visiting the children

Mayor Rorer welcomes Santa Clause to Goshen!

Buckingham Branch Railroad and the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve teamed up on Saturday, December 11, 2010, for Toys for Tots program  and brought Santa Clause to Goshen by rail.  Waiting for Santa to arrive were many folks of all ages as the train stopped and Santa disembarked to meet, greet and hand out candy!  Toy donations from the community were loaded on the train while Santa and his “helpers” were busy talking with the children and their families.



We extend our gratitude to each and everyone involved in the Toys for Tots program and for the many toy donations from the Community. 

Folks wait for the Santa Express and Santa Clause

Buckingham Branch RR and Toys for Tots team up to bring Santa to Town!

U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Give Santa a helping hand

The Marine Corps help Santa hand out candy
Mayor Rorer waits anxiously to meet Santa!


Check out the newly added photos from the Celebration held on June 30, 2010 for the Water System Project.  These pictures can be found on the Water System Project Page!

Water Project Celebration June 30, 2010

Goshen Water System Project

3 thoughts on “Photos

  1. I would like to take my wife and we go to look around in Goshen,Va from Rupert,WV and hope to cheap cost to find for rent to own the house with property.

    Is location have a good TV with Cable , Sewer , Trush and Water City?

  2. I live in South Point, Ohio. My mother’s – mother was Laura Mae Merchant and her Father was Joseph Marian Merchant. Wilson was her brother and Lauramae was the sister who lived in Goshen with her mom and bro. Anyone who knew them and would like to write to me can do so at 107 Township Road 1426-South Point, Ohio 45680. Bobby is what they called me.

  3. My grandmother was a Ramsey and I understand a Ramsey still lives on the property outside of town. We were there years ago, but no one was home. My grandfather Charles Shiplett may have been from there too. Trying to find more on them.

    I’m in Vancouver Wa. So if you know anyone who knew either one please write Thanks so much.

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