Atlantic Coast Pipeline

The Town of Goshen, Virginia FACEBOOK POST May 7, 2020

Hello again citizens of the Town of Goshen. There have been some rumors floating around town about Atlantic Coast Pipeline having a storage yard in Goshen. This could be very exciting news for our citizens or not so exciting depending on your points of view. Mayor Tom McCraw and the Town Council members who were present at the May meeting are in support of this storage yard because of the potential benefits to our town. The proposed location is beyond the North Fork Lumber yard which is located outside of the Town Limits and is considered Rockbridge County. The project will bring some jobs to the Town for a few years and will potentially bring business to the local stores and restaurant. We are posting this to ensure that our citizens are aware of this proposal. It will be voted on by the Rockbridge County Planning Commission on May 13, 2020. Anyone wishing to know more about the project or if you would like to share your comments with the planning commission you can go to their website:…/View…/Agenda/637…
Pages 1-3 is the agenda and instructions on how to share comments or electronically attend their meeting.
Pages 22-55 is the application, a letter from the Engineering and Consulting Company for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline as well as other information.
Thank you again for being the wonderful people that you are!

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